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      About us
      Yiwu Qianxin Packaging Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of packaging bags. Up to now, it has nearly 30 years of packaging bag production experience. It covers a total area of 150000 square meters and a construction area of 90000 square meters. The company has 2230 employees and more than 200 professional technicians. It is an industrial manufacturing enterprise integrating design, plate making, printing, film coating, drying and bag making services. It has ISO9001, FDA, SGS, EU, environmental protection, degradable and other certificates.
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      Name: Wang Rong
      Tel: + 18058917361
      address: Cityscape 2-1513, Jiangdong Street, Yiwu
      email: janet@hotqianxin.com
      Disclaimer: part of the content of this site comes from the Internet and netizens' contributions. If you find any infringing content, please contact customer service, and we will deal with it as soon as possible!
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